EGC Announces Packed Esports Season

Elite Gaming Channel is back after a summer break for an incredible Fall/Winter esports schedule!

Elite Gaming Channel is back after a summer break for an incredible Fall/Winter esports schedule! The EGC team has recently announced 3 more tournaments all coming between September and December! Every AOE4 pro player has signed up, including some names that took longer breaks, such as TheMista, Leenock and Kasva!

The tourneys will award $50,000 of prize money in total. The first one, ‘Call to Arms’ begins September 9th. It features a brand new format for AOE4. The players will be divided into 4 groups and will compete in 5 rounds of Swiss competition over 3 weekends.

Each player has to play two Best of Five’s per weekend. This will allow them to study their opponents for quite a long time and create bespoke strategies for their matches. Sometimes a week of preparation makes impossible strategies viable. Then, two top players from each group will advance to the quarterfinals and will compete in single elimination bracket system.

The second tournament is called “Empires at War” for a reason. It’s the first big tournament in the “Empire Wars” mode! Players start with 23 villagers, some base buildings already constructed and villagers assigned to tasks. It speeds the game by around 5 minutes. It’s time to show AOE4 again to Starcraft 2 fans with their 10 minute long games!

The last tournament is EGC finals 2023. The prize pool will be $25,000. This is the grand finale of the EGC season, and will include only the 12 best players that have proven themselves in all previous tournaments of the year. It’s going to start on 2nd December and finish on 17th.

Are we going to see another Beasty vs MarineLord finals? Can the Spanish brothers LucifroN and VortiX keep up with them? Can TheMista come back from farming and put everyone in their place? Are we going to see a breakthrough performance from Wam or Puppypaw? Will Bee have his next big breakthrough?

You can get answers to all these questions this fall on EGCTV, don’t miss it!

See you on the stream!